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Singapore Rollersports Championship 2023

The Singapore Rollersports Championship 2023, held on July 8th and 9th, was a spectacle of talent, skill, and sheer excitement. Skaters from all over Singapore converged to showcase their prowess in a variety of categories, including Speed Slalom, Slalom Classic, Slalom Battle, Battle Slide, and Speed Dash. Let's dive into the captivating highlights that made this championship a resounding success.

Speed Slalom:

The Speed Slalom category set the stage on fire with its heart-pounding action. Athletes showcased their lightning-fast footwork as they zipped through a series of cones with precision and agility. The exhilarating speed and technical mastery displayed by the participants left the audience in awe.

SRSC2023 Speed Slalom Final Results
Download PDF • 878KB

Slalom Classic:

The Slalom Classic category brought forth the artistic side of rollersports. Skaters wove their way through a choreographed routine, seamlessly combining intricate footwork, spins, and jumps with musicality. Each performance was a testament to the skaters' creativity, as they showcased their unique styles and captured the audience's imagination.

SRSC2023 Slalom Classic Final Results
Download PDF • 508KB

Slalom Battle:

Slalom Battle introduced an exciting head-to-head competition. Skaters engaged in thrilling battles, maneuvering through cones, performing intricate tricks, and racing against the clock. The intense face-offs showcased the athletes' competitive spirit and their ability to execute complex maneuvers under pressure.

SRSC2023 Battle Slalom Final Results
Download PDF • 255KB

Battle Slide:

The Battle Slide category added a twist to the championship, focusing on controlled slides and impressive slides jumps. Skaters showcased their skills by executing smooth and precise slides, combining them with jumps and spins to create captivating routines. The combination of technique, style, and innovation made Battle Slide a truly thrilling spectacle.

SRSC2023 Battle Slide Final Results
Download PDF • 356KB

Speed Dash:

The Speed Dash category brought pure speed to the forefront. Skaters competed in high-speed races, displaying their agility, power, and endurance. The adrenaline-pumping races kept the spectators on the edge of their seats, witnessing incredible displays of athleticism and a fierce determination to claim victory.

SRSC2023 Speed Dash Final Results
Download PDF • 467KB

Tell us know your favourite event category this year!

  • Speed Slalom

  • Slalom Classic

  • Slalom Battle

  • Battle Slide

Or Comment any other event categories that you would like to see next year!

The Singapore Rollersports Championship 2023 was a celebration of skill, talent, and passion for rollersports. The event showcased the incredible abilities of the participants across various categories, from the lightning-fast Speed Slalom to the artistic flair of Slalom Classic. The intense battles in Slalom Battle and the breathtaking slides in Battle Slide added an extra layer of excitement. Finally, the adrenaline-fueled races of Speed Dash left a lasting impression. This championship served as a testament to the thriving rollersports community in Singapore and left everyone eagerly awaiting the next installment of this thrilling event.

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