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In this discipline, skaters have the freedom to express their individual styles, and below are the current 4 categories under this discipline:
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1 April 2021 – 31 March 2023

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Discipline Head (Inline Freestyle)


Having given the utmost opportunity to witness numerous major Inline Freestyle events worldwide, it has enabled me to be able to grow and learn together with the sport. Inline Freestyle as a competitive sport has been around for 12 years and certainly weighs a high influence as my career involving Roller Sport development. 

Managing Team Singapore into many high profile events allows me to be able to strategically involve myself into the development of Inline Freestyle locally and with this privilege, I hope to bring the sport to a higher level.


Asst. Discipline Head (Inline Freestyle)


Li Min started inline skating at the age of 7 and became a competitive skater during her polytechnic years. She has represented as an athlete for both national and international level competitions for speed slalom. In recent years, Li Min has found a new passion for Inline Speed Skating and will be training with the national squad to represent the Singapore Inline Speed Skating Team in upcoming races. She hopes to grow and develop both Inline Freestyle and Inline Speed Skating and encourage more female athletes to pursue a competitive path.

Where to slide/slalom?

The official ground for slide and slalom is located in Downtown East at Pasir Ris, in an Indoor Skating Rink – Hi Roller Singapore. It is furnished with the national competing ground and will be perfect for your training. Slide training is held every Thursday at 8PM and there is a $10 chargeable fee. In any case you'd like to practice outside of Hi Roller's training hours:

  • For Slalom, you'll need a flat open surface, a set of cones, measuing tape and a marker.
  • For Slide, you'll only need a flat open surface.
Some other locations for considerations are:
  • Skating Rink at East Coast Park
  • Underpass at Esplanade
  • Tertiary School Skate Clubs:
    • NUS Skate Club (@nusskating)
    • NTU Skate Club (@ntuskateclub)
    • SMU Skate Club (@smuxskating)
    • SIT Skate Club (@sit.inlineskate)
    • Singapore Polytechnic Skate Club (@spskateclub)
    • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Skate Club (@np_inline)
    • Temasek Polytechnic Skate Club (@tpskateclub)
    • ITE Central Skate Club (@iteccskateclub)

What are the measurements for cones in slalom?

There are 3 types of measurements used in Classic and Battle Slalom. 0.5m, 0.8m and 1.2m. These measurements are the distance to leave in-between cones. The lanes should be 2m apart from one another. For speed slalom, only the 0.8m measurements are used.