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Learn about Inline Speed. 

Get to know what we do and the team behind it all.

The rollersport of racing, Inline Speed Skating is most often performed on speed skates. The setup typically involves low-cut boots with a 4  by 110mm wheelbase.


Inline Speed Skating requires skaters to have a high mental fortitude and physical endurance with proper techniques in order to perform under pressure in races. Competitions are either conducted on roads or tracks where categories such as 100-metre dash, 500-metre Sprints, 15000-metre Elimination, and 42-kilometre Marathons are held on. Inline Speed Skating will definitely test your limits as a skater both physically and mentally!

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1 April 2021 – 31 March 2023


Discipline Head (Inline Speed)


As an athlete, Lucas was the first South-East Asian representative at Asian winter games 2011 and since then competed for Singapore at various international competitions. He held various national records, obtained 10-time National Champion, 2 Silver Medals at 2017 SEA Games and 1 Gold Medal at 2019 SEA Games. As a certified NROC coach, Lucas co-founded the LTS Speed curriculum and was the Head Coach for Special Olympics Team 2013 winning 8 medals at the games. He has groomed various skaters currently in the National/Development Team. “I love to teach and part knowledge of what I have experience in competitive sport, it’s rewarding to watch them grow and obtain results in a sport they are passionate about”

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Asst. Discipline Head (Inline Speed)


Ryan has been skating competitively as a freestyle slider since he was 9 years old and only started to Speed Skate 5 years ago. Ryan is part of the national squad training as an athlete to represent the Singapore Inline Speed Skating Team in upcoming races. He started to travel overseas for training and regional competitions to gain experience and knowledge about the sport and he is now prepared to develop Speed Skating in Singapore. He hopes that this sport can grow beyond its limits and more young potential athletes will be a part of it.



Inline Speed Skating Selection Policy

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