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Get to know what we do and the team behind it all.


1 April 2021 – 31 March 2023

Shahrom Omar_Longboarding.jpg

Discipline Head (Longboard)


After a long hiatus from skating, Shahrom decided to pick it up again at the tender age of 37 and was drawn to Downhill/Freeride longboarding. Has helped organising multiple Downhill/Freeride Skate Jams and Skate trip overseas for Singapore’s young and talented downhill riders. He aspires to bring out our talented downhill riders to international level as the sport is getting recognition from IOC and also to organise an downhill race recognised by International Downhill Federation for athletes all over the world to compete in and put Singapore on the race map.


Asst. Discipline Head (Longboard)


Been downhill skateboarding mountains to close for 7 years. Enjoy skate/surf trip annually head for the mountains and waves in Indonesia/Malaysia spots. Hope to impart my experience to young athletes interested to be involve in this sport.

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Sub-Discipline Head (Longboard – Long Distance Pumping/Pushing)

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-05 at 2.49.34 PM.jpeg

Sub-Discipline Head (Longboard – Dance)


Wei Ming has been longboarding since 2017 and was approached by Dasilva Boards (based in Tel Aviv) to be a sponsored rider from 9th October 2018 to 17th December 2019. He is currently a sponsored rider with Travelol boards, Air Trucks and Lucky Wheels since 3rd August 2020. 
Over the past year, he has taken part in multiple competitions including Happy Feet 2018 in which he won the Best Trick Category and also So You Can Longboard Dance (SYCLD 2019) in the Netherlands.
He is active in growing the current freestyle/dance longboard community by hosting sessions and teaching new beginners. He is also a active volunteer community instructor at ThaneLife’s monthly free longboard workshops and clinics.

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