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Singapore Rollersports Championship 2022

Singapore Rollersports Championship 2022 was held on 8 and 9 October at D'Marquee Downtown East.

The two-day event was for the disciplines of Inline Freestyle (Speed Slalom, Classic Slalom and Battle Slide) and Inline Floorball for the competition of the National title. A mini fun relay race of Rollercross was included in the event too.

With around 200 participants and various skate academies coming together, specials guests from Japan and Thailand were invited as Guest Judges and Guest Performers.

Below are the rankings per Event Category:

SRSC Speed Slalom Ranking
Download PDF • 181KB

SRSC Classic Slalom Ranking
Download PDF • 163KB

SRSC Battle Slide Ranking
Download PDF • 172KB

SRSC Inline Floorball Ranking
Download PDF • 158KB

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