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Longboard National Championships 2022

The National Distance Skateboarding Championship 2022 (NDSC2022) and National Longboard Freestyle Dance Championship (Happy Feet 2022) took place at Sentosa Tanjong Beach on the 29th October 2022, Saturday.

Winners of Happy Feet 2022

Open Female

1st Place: Esther Peh 2nd Place: Loognam 3rd Place: Jenny

Amateur Female

1st Place: Anastasia 2nd Place: Ain 3rd Place: Shana

Open Male

1st Place: Tjiong Chern 2nd Place: Wei Ming 3rd Place: Melrick

Amateur Male:

1st Place: Dalfon 2nd Place: Jerrad 3rd Place: Justin

Officiated and judged by Nicky from Docksessions SG, Natalie from LGC SG, and Ernest from Ernsports, Happy Feet 2022 saw some of great action throughout the afternoon at Tanjong Beach. We were delighted to see so many foreign skaters join us during the competition as well!

Distance Skateboarding Championship 2022

In the National Distance Skateboarding Championship, we saw 32 participants pushing and pumping their longboards 39 rounds on the 1.068km looped course at Sentosa, Tanjong Beach. To make it even more challenging, competitors began the race at 5am given only 4 hours to complete.

At the end of the grueling 4 hours emerged the champions for Distance Skateboarding !

1st Place: Seh Meng 2nd Place: Leonard 3rd Place: Jing Zhi

We would like to express a big thank you to all the sponsors for making this event possible and we can't wait to see more participants at the next!

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