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Join the Revolution: SRF Skateboarding Development Committee

Sign up for the Singapore Rollersports Federation's Skateboarding Development Committee and be a Driving Force in Singapore's Skateboarding Community!

Attention all skateboarding enthusiasts and community advocates! The Singapore Rollersports Federation is thrilled to announce the formation of a dynamic committee dedicated to the growth and development of the skateboarding community in Singapore. We are seeking passionate individuals to volunteer and join us in shaping the future of this exhilarating sport!

Committee Overview: 

Our Skateboarding Development Committee will consist of nine dedicated members, each overseeing a specific aspect of the community's development. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute your skills and passion to foster a thriving skateboarding culture in Singapore.

Areas of Focus:

1.   Events & Competitions: Ignite excitement within the community by organizing thrilling events and competitions that showcase the best of Singapore's skateboarding talent.

2.   Funding & Sponsorship: Secure the financial support needed to fuel the growth of skateboarding initiatives through strategic partnerships and sponsorship arrangements.

3.   Coaching Certification: Elevate the skill levels of our skateboarders by implementing coaching certification programs and ensuring the availability of qualified instructors.

4.   National Team Development: Cultivate and nurture a formidable national skateboarding team by identifying and supporting emerging talent.

5.   Community Development: Strengthen the bonds within the skateboarding community through inclusive events, outreach programs, and initiatives that foster a sense of unity.

6.   PR & Marketing: Boost the visibility of Singapore's skateboarding scene through effective public relations and marketing strategies.

7.   Accounting: Ensure transparent financial management by overseeing budgets, expenses, and financial reporting.

8.   Legal Matters: Navigate the legal landscape to ensure compliance and provide guidance on matters affecting the skateboarding community.

9.   Discipline & Anti-Doping Matters: Uphold the integrity of the sport by managing discipline-related issues and promoting a clean and fair playing environment.

General Meeting Details:

Date: 30th December

Time: 2:00 PM

Venue: ActiveSG room at SportSG Headquarters

Join us at the meeting to learn more about these exciting roles, ask questions, and discover how you can contribute to the growth of skateboarding in Singapore. Bring your enthusiasm, ideas, and be part of the team that takes skateboarding to new heights!

To express your interest or submit your application and CV, attend the meeting at SportSG on 30th December 2023. Let's roll into the future together!

Let's roll together towards a vibrant and thriving skateboarding community in Singapore!

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